March 29, 2023
Destiny 2 PvE shotguns

Destiny 2 PvE shotguns

Shotguns are great video game weaponry. They have unrelenting close-range firepower. Loot-based games are even better.

Destiny 2 features slug guns and fully automatic shotguns. Perks can also give these weapons even more fascinating qualities that allow the weapon to recharge on grenade throws or boost the damage of your next melee assault. These are the finest shotguns for PvE in Destiny 2.

Charles Burgar, 31 Dec 2021 Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Pack adds new weaponry to Destiny 2. The Wastelander M5 is Destiny 2’s first Legendary Tex Mechanica weapon and a tribute to Bungie’s Marathon series. We’ve added the Wastelander M5, explaining its power and perks.


Get: Tower’s Exotic Kiosk. 1 Exotic Cipher, 100,000 Glimmer, 150 Glacial Starwort, 1 Ascendant Shard.

Duality may be forgotten. This combination pellet/BB shotgun bridges Chaperone and Felwinter’s Lie for PvP. Most players agreed. Read more here ikelos shotgun vs perfect paradox.

Duality’s second perk makes it a monster PvE shotgun. Hip-shots yield many On Black Wings. Duality deals 55% more damage while aiming at x5 stacks, and since ADS mode fires bullets, you can headshot while this buff is active. This perk lets you match Cloudstrike’s DPS with a non-Rapid-Fire Frame shotgun.

Horseman 4

Get: Inaccessible.

The Fourth Horseman is your boss-killer. This weapon fires four bullets, five when Masterworked, in under a second, with each shot gaining damage.

The Fourth Horseman is one of the few PvE heroes that can barrel down foes. This weapon’s DPS can melt stunned champions in two magazines. Hunters can unload 20 shotgun shots utilising Radiant Dance Machines and Marksman’s Dodge. Your shotgun barrage will kill most foes. This weapon’s ammo economy is abysmal, depleting your entire ammo pool in less than a minute.


Altars of Sorrow and Pit of Heresy.

Blasphemer has better perks than First In, Last Out, but is harder to get. This kinetic precision shotgun hits most orange bars with a single tap.

This weapon’s best roll is Fourth Times the Charm and Swashbuckler, which gives it ludicrous damage. Cast melee ability for a 33% damage boost. Hitting a target’s weak area consecutively gives you more ammo, increasing Blasphemer’s damage. This weapon can’t gain Vorpal Weapon, but its other benefits are enough for PvE. Those who like primary energies should harvest this weapon in Altars of Sorrow or Pit of Heresy.

Fourth Times Charm, Threat Detector

Prophecy how-to (Kell Echo encounter)

Season of the Lost’s Nine Weapons Proofs can be found in the Prophecy dungeon. Sudden Death was Destiny 2’s original test shotgun, with a balanced Aggressive Frame stat pack.

Its return has been nothing short of exciting, with some notable perks that take this weapon’s lethality to the next level. Field Prep and Frenzy is one of the best rolls you can get with this weapon, upgrading almost every aspect of this weapon while in combat. This shotgun can roll with Grave Robber and One-Two Punch, giving excellent synergy for melee builds. Our greatest PvP shotguns list includes the instant death as well.


  • Field Prep, Grave Robber, Threat Detector
  • Frenzy, One-Two Punches, Surrounded bone cooler
  • How to get: Variks in Europa and Brig HVT.

Europa’s Precision Frame Shotgun is good for PvE. This weapon has the damage of a slug shotgun and more.

Bonechiller is the only slug shotgun in Destiny 2 that can match Dragonfly’s clean, accurate kills and massive explosions. Bonechiller has high single-target DPS. This pistol can roll Triple Tap and One for All concurrently, giving it a 35% damage boost and extra ammo when it lands three fast hits. This weapon is a PvE monster.

• Column 1: Triple Touch Autoloader

Dragonfly, One For All, Demolitionist

IKELOS SG v1.0.2

Legendary World Engrams.

This IKELOS version is one of Destiny 2’s strongest rapid-fire shotguns. This weapon is great for close-range fighting and Warmind cells.

This early-game weapon can create Warmind Cells, which can be detonated for tremendous damage. The weapon is also great and has several benefits. This weapon has Threat Detector, Surrounded, Feeding Frenzy, and Trench Barrel. High single-target damage and Warmind Cells can kill waves of opponents. No complaints!

Feeding frenzy, threat detector

Trench Barrel, Vorpal Weapon, Rampage, Surrounded

Xur’s Hidden Treasure.

Destiny 2’s Tex Mechanica has invented a legendary weapon, and it’s great. The Wastelander M5 has the same looks and animations as The Chaperone.

The Wastelander M5 lacks Chaperone’s range, but it has fantastic perks and stats. This shotgun can function with Sustain, allowing you to discharge a torrent of buckshot without reloading. Combine with Adagio to increase shot damage, acting as a reverse chaperone. Slideshot, Perpetual Motion, and One-Two Punch are also helpful. This is a good shotgun.

Column 1: Subsistence, Slideshot, Perpetual Motion

Adagio, Harmony, Hit One-Two verdicts

Vault of Glass Obtaining (Conflux, Oracle, and Gatekeeper encounters)

Found Verdict is a PvP shotgun with an aggressive frame, like Felwinter’s lying. Found Verdict is a high-damage PvE special weapon.

Rewind Rounds and Vorpal Weapon allows you to pump almost two buckshot clips into an adversary without reloading. If you don’t like how Rewind Rounds behaves, you can change it with Full Auto or Auto-Loading Holster. This is one of the only shotguns in Destiny 2 with an Adept variation, allowing Adept Big Ones Spec instead of Major or Boss Spec. Found Verdict ranks high among PvE shotguns.


• Column 1: Rewind, Fully Auto, Auto Loading Holster

• Column Two: Vorpal Weapon, One-Two Punch, Frenzy


Legendary World Engrams.

First in, last out is another precision frame shotgun. This weapon deals insane damage per round, has perks, and is easy to get.

This weapon might be in any legendary engram. This weapon’s bonuses let the Outlaw and Vorpal Weapon work simultaneously. For more aggressive play, Demolitionist or Surrounded can replace Vorpal Weapon. Vorpal Weapon lets First In, Last Out slay champions and bosses like Taniks.


• Column One: Outlaw, autoloading holster

Vorpal Weapon, Demolitionist, Surrounded Inheritance

How to get: Stone Tomb (Atraks-1 encounter)

Heritage is Deep Stone Crypt’s unique PvE shotgun. Its precision frame allows it to do great harm with accurate shots.

The Heritage’s benefits are unique. Reconstruction and Recombination are Deep Stone Crypt-only bonuses.

First, Heritage’s magazine capacity doubles by passive reloading. Recombination is a perk that gives your next shot from an energy or heavy weapon more damage. Your following shot doubles damage after 10 kills. Combining these two perks creates a huge single-target weapon that can fire almost every significant one in the game. Champions and bosses are doomed. All PvE-focused Guardians need this weapon.

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